NimiSuku Isä Emä Ennätys
Hugo BossevmBossman Need To See p.08,2aly
Million Dollar Man 3-polvFyrusNever Been Noble p.08,3aly
Shot Prince Depac 1-polvEgyptian Prince Pimp My Shotp.08,5aly
Torn Depac 1-polvPumpkin King Perfect Doolays p.09,2aly
Twisted Fate 2-polvInferno Stain Sacrifice Tears p.09,4aly
Balewhale Depac 1-polvEgyptian Prince Bailey Grip p.09,5aly
Jubilant Depac 3-polvSongbird Joe Frostare p.09,1aly
Dominic Depac 1-polvInstant Coolnes Keep On Rising p.11,5ake
Frost Battle Depac 3-polvBattle Dragon Frostare p.12,5aly
Singpore Sling 2-polvHouston Noble Addington P Ace p.12,3aly
Jokeboss Depac 2-polvEasyboss Depac Choco Depac p.17,3aly
Wasted Penguin evm p.16,5aly
Slip 'N Slide evm p.16,5aly


NimiSuku Isä Emä Ennätys
Secret Ambition 1-polvFlame Of Heavens Good I Will Be p.14,3ake
My Masterful P Ace 1-polvDevil Don't Care My Only Hope p.12,0aly
Balesmile Depac 2-polvInferno Stain Balecloud Depac p.09,5aly
Can't Catch Eagle 2-polvHooligan's Holiday Can't Touch Eaglep.12,4aly
OR`Red Pheasant 2-polvDenver Dollar P AceOR`Red Raven p.14,2aly
Horrible Hangover Day 1-polvDomino D-Day Pretty Hard Hangoverp.15,1aly
Swedish Blockade evm p.16,5aly
Fix Up Black evm p.16,5aly
Frozen Paradox Depac 4-polvEternal Paradox Frostcake Depacp.17,5aly
Victoria Depac 1-polvSpicy CopycatCrown Victoriap.18,5aly